Our expertise


Managing Director Gulf Asia brings with it over 16 years of Mr. Marwan’s experience and expertise in the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry. Mr. Marwan is a known figure in the Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia and was the force behind PIL becoming one of the largest exporter of Palm Oil out of Malaysia.

Gulf Asia has developed and is connected with a reliable and established network of suppliers that are known for supply of quality palm oil and palm oil based derivatives and Laurics from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Gulf Asia is a destination market player and has a network of ready customers across the Arab World and the market extending from South Africa to Egypt along the east coast of Africa, Red Sea and Arabian Peninsula. The market extends beyond Arab world all across the East Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea area covering Jordan, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Belarus.

Gulf Asia is managing and handling the entire supply chain right from sourcing of palm oil to chartering of vessels, hiring storage space at destination and develop destinations markets.